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WFA Global Market Maturity – Summary Findings

The World Federation of Advertisers and Infectious Media have compiled a unique study into the level of local programmatic maturity around the world, breaking down 13 of the world’s biggest ad markets into four clusters depending on their sophistication.

Download the summary findings here. 

About Us

We believe in the power of data to transform advertising.

We work with brands facing transformative digital media challenges to create a better approach to data-driven advertising. By linking media spend to business value, we empower brands to act responsibly to deliver a more relevant advertising experience.

As a programmatic and technology specialist, we combine consultative expertise, proprietary tech and the media team needed to realise your vision. No matter which programmatic path you take – fully managed, in-house, or hybrid – we can work with you in a flexible, transparent way, to provide you with the specialist services you need to succeed.

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The Programmatic In-Housing Trend

Infectious Media’s new research and insights into the current attitudes and trends from advertisers about their programmatic strategy.

Key Findings:

  • 84% of advertisers want more control over their programmatic advertising
  • 71% of advertisers think agencies have struggled to adapt to programmatic
  • 1.4% of advertisers are managing their own programmatic advertising in-house
  • 96% of advertisers see the need for agency help in multiple areas

What We Do

We solve your programmatic marketing challenges in the right way. Your objectives and vision determine which services you need from us. We act as a transparent agency when you need media buying, and work on your specific challenges if you don’t.

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