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Why we are unique

Programmatic First

Programmatic First

We believe in a programmatic first approach to advertising. If it can be bought programmatically it should. We have never done it any other way. We are also independent meaning we can work directly with clients with solely their interests at heart.
Centralised Delivery

Cross-border Centralisation

Programmatic is redefining how agencies should operate. Having offices in every market is inefficient. Infectious Media executes international campaigns for advertisers centrally, using its global technology. This gives you control over your advertising from a single entry point.
Advertiser-focused technology

Advertiser-focused Technology

Our technology has been shaped by necessity. To fulfil our client’s goals we have developed acclaimed advertiser-focused programmatic technology. This agency operating system provides the customisation and flexibility to further what is possible in advertising.
Transparent, Safe, Measurable

Transparent, Safe, Measurable

We often hear from advertisers who are frustrated with the lack of transparency offered by their agency or technology partners. Our clients get deep and transparent insight into their campaigns via an accessible and customised dashboard. Our clients know their campaigns are brand safe and they know how their KPIs are being met.

Our Story

When the first ad-exchanges were launched, our co-founders, Andy and Martin could see a revolution in the making. Top agency jobs were put to one side for them to evangelise this new and untested technology. They believed from day one, that an open, data-led approach to buying media would change what could be achieved with advertising.

In 2008 Infectious Media was founded in London and began buying the first exchange traded ads in Europe. At a time when programmatic meant nothing to most advertisers, some forward thinking companies were willing to take a risk. By inspiring advertisers and publishers alike with a programmatic-first approach, Infectious Media grew into an award-winning, Europe-wide business in the first few years.

However, during this time the limitations of using off-the-shelf technology to buy and optimise campaigns became apparent. Infectious Media built Impression Desk, a programmatic advertising platform, that has become fundamental in the planning, buying and analysis of all its ad-campaigns.

Senior Team

Our team structure has been developed and refined over the last eight years by what is needed to make programmatic work. We are analysts, data scientists, engineers, and ad-operations professionals all with the common goal of delivering successful programmatic advertising for brands.

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