Our people

Our people drive our success

We come to work each day knowing that we have the ability to truly influence our growing business.

We are a talented, international team who are encouraged to flourish in a vibrant atmosphere where the work is challenging, communication is free flowing and everyone is willing to learn from each other.

If you are interested in being part of the team, click the button below. Otherwise, keep scrolling to see what makes us tick…

Our values

As Roy Disney (the older brother of Walt, and co-founder of Walt Disney) once said, “It’s not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are”. Our core values define how we choose to progress as a company and as individuals.

We are straight talkers

We are open and upfront with our clients and each other.


We commit

We do what we say we will, and are passionate about doing it.


We do the right thing

We act fairly and responsibly with each other, our clients, our partners, and the people that receive our advertising.


We never stand still

There is no blueprint for what we do, so we constantly seek out the new, to deliver for clients and our business.


We are better as a team

We do great work, but truly brilliant work happens when we bring together our diverse skills in technology, data and media.

Life here is more than work

We are more than just great programmers, marketers, and analysts. Our people are encouraged to seek out the ‘extra-curricular’ stuff too!

At Infectious Media, you’ll find (in decreasing order of activeness)…

  • A lunchtime running club
  • An all-star football team
  • Regular yoga classes and rock climbing
  • Games, film and quiz nights
  • Summer evenings at the cricket
  • Fans of Farringdon’s pub scene
  • Anything else our team can dream up!


We commit to your development

Once you’re through the door, we make sure you have everything you need to develop as a colleague, and as a person. We want everyone to benefit from our holistic approach to learning and development, including:

  • An in-depth induction with our IM Academy and on-the-job training
  • Regular Brunch & Learns where we share our knowledge and great work with one another
  • Management training program
  • Mental health awareness and resilience workshops
  • Life skills, such as financial education
  • Ample opportunity to improve your public speaking skills (but that’s up to you!).

The results speak for themselves: we are proud that in 2017, 80% of our staff were promoted within a two year period.

If you want your career to move fast then Infectious Media is definitely the place for you!

Career pathways

In our career pathways series, we feature some of our team’s journey through the business, their development, and their life at Infectious Media.


Fredie Unabia
Technical Account Manager

Talitha Okirie
Campaign Executive

Marie Turk
Account Director

Recruitment process

The interview process needn’t be daunting at Infectious Media. Here’s what to expect when you apply for a job with us:

    1. For the roles that require you to know your way around data or spreadsheets, entry level applicants will be asked to complete a short maths test. 
    2. ‘Meet and greet’ interview. This is an opportunity for you to talk through your experience and your career goals. We’ll also take the chance to tell you all about the role and the culture here at Infectious Media. 
    3. Second interview. Here we like to delve down a bit further. All candidates, whether you’re interviewing for an entry level role, or senior position will be given a task. The task will vary depending on the nature of the role – it could be analysing data, presenting your thoughts on the future of advertising, or a technical task.

Increase your chances of success with these key tips:

  • We’re pretty casual over here. So swap that suit and tie for something that more reflects who you are.

  • Research, research, research. What we do isn’t always the most straightforward. Take some time to figure out what our business does, and get some understanding of how it works.

  • Show some passion! Come armed with some questions about the business, the industry and your role within it.
Lucy Hanks

Our Senior Talent Manager, Lucy, is on hand to answer any questions you have throughout the process. Drop her an email at hr@infectiousmedia.com

Current opportunities

If you can’t see the right role for you above but are excited about a career at Infectious Media, we always love talking to outstanding new people. If this is you, send over your CV and we’ll see where we can fit you in. 

Recruiters, please be aware we manage our hiring in-house, and do not work with external partners. Thanks