In a world where everything is meant to be connected, it’s amazing how difficult it is to get digital advertising technologies to talk to each other. As a digital marketer, you should be able to pull in your data, monitor campaign performance, and make clear decisions on where to invest.

But having to battle the technical difficulties in doing this distracts you from what’s important – creating a better advertising experience for your customers. We built Impression Desk to give you control over your digital advertising.

Four technology products built for transparency, efficiency and measurability


All your campaign data, scalable, secure, unified and ready to use.


Effortless access to programmatic display, mobile, social, video, audio, and out-of-home via six leading buying platforms.


Your brand protected by an adaptable, multi-layered defence.


Find the insights in your data painlessly with customisable analytics and reporting.

“Infectious Media’s operating system, Impression Desk, is a powerful platform, the holy grail of workflow automation. A perfect fit for a client demanding customisation and increased control.”

Lindsay Rowntree, Head of Content
Accredited Google Partner
Our technology products are built on Google Cloud Platform. This means our tech is robust, quick, and integrates naturally with Google’s powerful marketing products such as Google Marketing Platform and Ads Data Hub. It also gives us a better understanding of how to connect your data and systems to Google’s technologies. We use this knowledge to help clients get to data-driven marketing maturity faster.

“With their ability to use data to drive buying decisions, Infectious Media are advertising industry leaders in their use of Google Cloud and BigQuery.”

Rahul Parmar, Business Manager, AdTech