Advertisers need a better solution for programmatic



If your programmatic advertising lacks strategy and doesn’t provide insight you are not alone, advertisers need a better solution. Infectious Media was born at the beginning of the programmatic age, it’s all we do, and we are built just for this.


At the heart of our offering is Impression Desk, our programmatic advertising platform. It provides the flexible access and customisation required to deliver successful, data driven strategies. Doing this at scale across the international programmatic ecosystem is not possible with stand-alone, off-the-shelf technologies.


Programmatic technology allows 1-to-1 marketing at scale and our planning is based on this new approach.

We develop an in-depth understanding of your business that helps us to form the right programmatic strategy for you. We are the most awarded strategic thinkers in the industry.

Our technology is connected with all major demand and data platforms across the world, providing full programmatic market access.


We connect your data with our platform, Impression Desk, to unlock audiences and insights.

Our dedicated on-boarding team works to bring out the value of your data and seamlessly integrates it.

Our data platform allows us to combine your data with 2nd and 3rd party data to form targetable segments.


We are experts in delivering global, cross-platform, cross-device strategies that combine display, video and paid social.

Our account team ensures the quality of your advertising by using their expertise in combination with leading verification technologies and processes.

Through screening and scoring, our quality control filters allow us to find the most valuable inventory for your campaign.


We are never content when it comes to the performance of your campaigns. We use a methodical and rigorous approach to make sure we continually improve results.

Our optimisation team use a blend of algorithmic and manual optimisation techniques to ensure that your campaign performs.

Our targeting, analytics and optimisation tools allow us to continually evolve campaigns to maximise performance.


Programmatic shouldn’t be ‘black box’. Our custom reporting suite gives you deep insights into audiences and performance.

Our analysts present the data you need on what’s working, what isn’t and where your ads are appearing.

Our reporting platform gives you deep and transparent insight by uniting impression-level data from multiple platforms.

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