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About Us

Infectious Media is an international programmatic agency that partners with global brands to deliver effective and efficient media campaigns. Founded at the dawn of the programmatic era, Infectious Media has developed specialist teams and technology that exclusively focus on making programmatic work for advertisers.

Planned and executed correctly, programmatic is more than just a media buying tactic, it drives incremental revenue and competitive advantage across the customer lifecycle.

An Award Winning Agency

Red Herring 100
E-Commerce 2013
Drum_Digital Trading Awards_WINNER 2016

Protect your brand online 

The concern for brand safety, ad fraud and viewability remains top of mind among advertisers and publishers in 2017.

In this guide, we want to answer 3 questions:


– Is programmatic fundamentally riskier for brands than other media?

– Is ad fraud becoming an insurmountable problem in programmatic?

– Can advertisers mitigate these risks without harming performance?


What We Do

If your programmatic advertising lacks strategy and doesn’t provide insight you are not alone, advertisers need a better solution. Infectious Media was born at the beginning of the programmatic age, it’s all we do, and we are built just for this.


At the heart of our offering is Impression Desk, our programmatic agency operating system. It provides the flexible access and customisation required to deliver successful, data driven strategies. Doing this at scale across the international programmatic ecosystem is not possible with stand-alone, off-the-shelf technologies.

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